All photographs relating to the Save the David Lean Cinema Campaign. Click on any photograph below to see all the photographs in that portfolio section.

The first Campaign screening: Great Expectations at Clyde Hall 10/12/11

Screenings 2012

A portfolio of 11 photographs from 2012:

June 2012 – Everybody’s Fine in Shirley
Oct 2012 – Dreamchild in Shirley
Dec 2012 – Hobson’s Choice at the Spread Eagle

The Campaign’s Public Meeting at the Green Dragon 22/06/11

Formation 2011

Portfolio of four photographs:

1. Save the David Lean Cinema Campaign at the Green Dragon
2. Supporters assemble for Council Meeting 18/07/11
3. Supporters in the Council Chamber Public Gallery 18/07/11
4. Adrian Winchester and Cllr Maggie Mansell with the Campaign’s petition, before Council meeting 30/01/12

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